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Handmade Embroidered Paper Snowflakes


We love these handmade DIY embroidered paper snowflakes made in partnership with Sweet Paul Magazine!  They're a perfect craft project that doesn't make too big of a mess, ie there's no paint, glue, markers or ink.  As an added bonus, you likely already have all the items in your home, and with so many of us trying to stay put and not go extra places, this reads like a win in our book. 

You can experiment with shapes and colors, or opt for the simple red and white version being used here.  If you have leftover yarn ends or snippets of ribbon or twine, this is a perfect use for those little bits that we save and can never seem to find a good use for. Maybe it's just us that have that drawer/bag of odds and ends that aren't big enough for most packages. If you're worried about younger folks handling a needle, feel free to size these snowflakes up, cut holes with a hole punch which will allow for easy threading that doesn't require a needle.  Pro tip - wrap a bit of tape around the end of the yarn which will make threading a chunkier yarn with multiple strands frustration free. 

These marvelous little snowflakes are perfect for decorating all maner of festive things.  We recommend adding them to your holiday table as centerpiece decorations or with names as festive namecards, tree or swag jewels, gift tags with a little message for a loved one, or even just as a simple decoration in a window.  So dig out a bit of festive floss, twine, or yarn and help bring a little homemade to your holidays.

Here's how to make these embroidered paper snowflakes:


  • snowflake template 
  • white paper 
  • scissors 
  • red embroidery floss or yarn
  • bakers twine 
  • needle 


1. Start by finding your favorite snowflake template by searching online, or visit my site to download mine. Make sure to use various sizes. 

2. Cut out the templates. You need two pieces for each snowflake. 

3. Using floss or bakers twine, embroider on the paper. Start with a simple design, and work your way to more complicated ones. Creativity is key! 

Tip:  If you want to use them as ornaments, just sew a loop into the top to hang.  We also love them as a gift tag, or placecard too!

Since so many of us are home and maybe looking for some new ways to fill time, save money, or find a new festive tradition, we teamed up with our friends at Sweet Paul Magazine to share some simple foodie DIY crafts this holiday season.  Join us as we celebrate a homemade holiday and make a gift or a treat with your own two hands.