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Speak Our Love Language


You’re here because you speak our Love Language: cheese & butter. 

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to indulge in a shared love of our delicious dairy. This year, we’re introducing the Five Cheese & Butter Love Languages, because every foodie is as unique as the love language they speak.   

You need the encouragement only cheesy words can bring, so let’s hear them, Valentine.

Head over to read all the Curds of Affirmation you need to make you feel cheesy, and loved come Valentine's Day. 


Partnership means a meal shared, because eating alone isn’t an option for you, my love.

That's why we have an extensive collection of delicious recipes that are best served in good company, whether that is a group of friends or your one true love match. Head to our dinner recipe collection to unlock all the inspiration you'll need for Valentine's Day. 


Because your love is perishable, and it's won through the most indulgent gifts, xoxo.

Cheese and chocolate are the original star-crossed lovers, but we have endless ways to pair cheese with all the best accompaniments and yes, beverages. Our cheeseboard inspiration is as bottomless as your mimosa was at brunch (remember brunch?), so check out our extensive collection of cheeseboard how-to's and pairing inspiration. 


Prove your love by proofing that bread, dearest lover, and bake it like you mean it.

Baking is a science and at Vermont Creamery, our main ingredients are cheese, butter and love, sweet love. We know that delicious dairy is always the answer, and cultured butter and crème fraîche are the secret to truly decadent treats for your sweet this Valentine's Day. Browse our collection for baking inspiration and drool-worthy moments to come, because you are the real baking queen (or king). 


Your love is as pure as fresh Vermont cream, and your time is best spent spreading love (and cultured butter). 

For the true lovers of butter, quality cannot be sacrificed, that's why you're here - you want the better butter, the best butter, the Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter. At 82% butterfat, Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter is here to make your cooking and baking dreams come true, and she'll never let you down, we promise. Browse all the best butter-forward recipes we've got, and treat yourself on Valentine's Day and every day. You're worth it, Valentine.