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Holiday Wine & Cheese Pairings


Pairing wines with cheese is high art –

There are books written about it, there are experts with cross-functional sommelier/cheese professional talents. If you’ve ever had a wine and cheese pairing experience at a restaurant, you know the level of detail, nuance and skill that goes into it. 

But, we are not that expert. Sure we like wine, we love cheese – but pairings are beyond our immediate grasp and let’s face it, we’re probably going to leave it to the professionals, especially at the holidays. The endless parties, recitals and commitments at the holidays are fatiguing, so why not just let the experts do the work for you? That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of two prominent voices of wine in Vermont, Justine Belle Lambright of Kalchē Wine Cooperative and Sipha Lam of Wilder Wines, to do the pairings for us.

So, pour yourself a glass of something and just copy and paste this list for your next holiday gathering. After all, ‘tis the season to get tipsy.

Justine's Pairings:  

Ellison Estate – Regeneration 5 

Stowe, VT – 100% Marquette Pét-Nat 
Tasting notes: Tart cherry, baking spices, fennel
Pair With: Cranberry, Orange, & Cinnamon Goat Cheese 
Drink With: Stuffing and mashed potatoes with extra extra gravy
Fun tip: wines that are tart cleanse your palate, allowing you to enjoy other flavors longer (aka increase your Thanksgiving stamina)!

Kalchē Wine Cooperative - The Kalche Kid

Fairfax, VT – Pressed cranberries rehydrated with a Seyval Blanc + cider co-ferment
Tasting notes: Light, bright, and funky! Drink chilled or over ice
Pair with: Bijou 
Drink with: Turkey as a replacement for cranberry sauce because your aunt
refuses to eat anything besides the canned stuff.

La Garagista - Harlots & Ruffians

Barnard, VT – 25% Frontenac Gris, 75% La Crescent
Tasting notes: Fresh citrus peel, white flower, herbs & lemon custard
Pair with: Honey Truffle Goat Cheese 
Drink with: Greenbean casserole. The acid will cut through the cream to create a delicious balance!  

Sipha's Pairings: 


Pierre Olivier Bonhomme Sauvignon Blanc

Loire Valley, France 
Tasting notes: Crisp with notes of lime, pear and apples – almost a little tropical, which really compliments the this ash ripened goat cheese
Pair with: Bonne Bouche
Drink with: a raw shaved Brussel sprout salad – my favorite! 

Herve Villemade Gamay VDF

Loire Valley, France 
Tasting notes: Juicy and vibrant full of bright red fruits like cherries & currants
Pair with: Coupole
Drink with: Cheese & Charcuterie! We all need some cheese, meat, and wine to help us get through all of the prepping and cooking during the holidays!  

Champagne Perseval Farge C. De Reserve Premier Cru Brut 

Chamery, France
Tasting notes: We all love Champagne, and honestly, I don't think we drink enough of it.
Pair with: Cremont. The bubbles and high acidity in this Champagne will cut through the buttery and rich Cremont.
Drink with: OYSTERS! Yup, I said it! If you are going to splurge once, it should be on Champagne and oysters! And the time to do it is with the people you love! 

About Kalchē  Wine Cooperative: 
Kalchē Wine Co. is the Next World of Wine - making hybrid space juice cooperatively, centering diversity, sustainability and the decolonization of Big Wine.

About Wilder Wines:
Wilder Wines brings is a high quality shop in the heart of downtown Burlington. Their passion for sustainable wine made from small producers drove them from the beginning and continues to drive them today. Wilder Wines is an inclusive & un-intimidating space where you will find a curated selection of wines from all over the world.