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What to Drink with Our Aged Cheeses


Bonne Bouche

Couple the gothic mystery of Bonne Bouche’s ash rind with a pop of rich color—this cheese’s piquancy and mouth-coating creaminess is best washed down with a juicy Gamay, sour Flemish red ale, or sparkling Lambrusco.  



Honey, citrus, and effervescence make fast friends with double cream cheese, so we love Cremont with New England meads, lively whites like Albariño or Vinho Verde, or a bottle of French bubbly. Prefer a cocktail? Try it with the acidic minerality of a Gimlet or Last Word. 



Bijou’s supple texture and earthy flavor are complemented by beverages with a similar profile—reach for a beer on the breadier side, such as a Belgian golden ale, or yeasty orange wines and pét-nats. The woody herbaceousness of an English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea also works well.  



Pure as the driven snow, Coupole’s chalk-white dome and delicate cream paste shine beside fruit-forward rosés, Rieslings, Lambics, and honeyed or jammy cocktails like a Bees Knees or sherry cobbler.  


St. Albans

The mild funk of St. Albans cozies up well to fruity sour beers, kombucha, and dry bubbling ciders. It’s also excellent paired with a contemplative glass of French pinot noir on a rainy day.