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The Ultimate Cheesy Father’s Day Beverage Pairings


PSA!  Father’s Day is Sunday, and we’re coming in hot with all the cheesy beer pairings to celebrate your father figure this weekend.

Time to treat your dad to a lineup of award-winning deliciously decadent cheeses paired with an ice cold bevvy to round out a weekend of celebrating everything they do for you.

Why? Because dads are the best! They’re always there to tie a shoe or drive you to a game, practice, school, camp or lesson.

They’ve got your sandwich, your band aid, your ice pack and your bedtime story. They keep the windshield washer fluid flowing in your car, and are ready with an endless supply of jokes.

Dads do it all, so let’s celebrate how special they are with a selection of cold drinks and fine aged cheeses. Cheers to you, Dad!

For the Classic Dad, a Timeless Vermont Pairing:

Lawson's Scragg Mountain Pils and Creamy Bijou

This approachable goat cheese crottin that has a lovely complexity, which pairs oh-so-well with a well-rounded beer like the Scrag Mountain Pils that is lightly hoppy, malty, and has good body.  

For the, “I’m Not a Regular Dad, I’m a Cool Dad,” Dad:

Vermont Creamery Coupole + Foam Brewers Blushing 

This Fruited Sour Ale featuring blackberry and lemon is the perfect summer sipper. It' tart and refreshing with a hint of lemon, making it the perfect contrast to Coupoles bright and fresh taste.  

For the Nostalgic Millennial Dad:

Switchback Ale + Bonne Bouche 

Bonne Bouche is French for "Good mouthful" and the Switchback Ale, with its blended fusion of hops, malts, caramel and apricot make it a pairing to contend with. Switchback is the beer dads harken back to you when they reminisce about life before dadhood. It holds strong next to the bold and delicious flavors of Bonne Bouche, but doesn’t compete with it.  

For the Sober-Curious and Hungry Dad:

Zero Gravity Rescue Club IPA + Cremont  

When dad wants a beer without the buzz, reach for a bright & refreshing non-alcoholic Rescue Club IPA and pair with Cremont, our smooth & luxurious mixed milk double cream aged cheese. Cremont desires a partner that can stand up to it in flavor, but not overpower it. Enter: Rescue Club. Also, feel fine and headache-free when your kid wakes you up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning.