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Mascarpone Fresh Fruit Tart



prep time:

30 mins

cook time:

2 hours 10 mins

Total time:

2 hours 40 mins





  • 3 cups all-purpose flour

  • 2 tablespoons sugar

  • pinch fine sea salt

  • Vermont Creamery Sea Salt Cultured Butter - 82% Butterfat, cut into small pieces

    24 tablespoons

  • 3 tablespoons ice water


  • 3 large eggs

  • 5 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

  • 1 tablespoon finely grated lemon zest

  • Vermont Creamery Mascarpone

    ⅔ cup

  • ⅓ cup heavy whipping cream

  • ¼ cup sugar

  • pinch fine sea salt

  • 3 cups fresh raspberries or other fresh fruit of choice

  • 1 cup seedless berry or red currant jelly

  • ⅓ cup cassis black currant liqueur


make the crust

  1. Place the flour, sugar, pinch of salt, and butter in a food processor and pulse until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. With the machine running, drizzle in enough ice water to make the dough begin to form into a ball. Divide the pastry dough in half and, working on a lightly floured surface, shape each half into a flat disk. Wrap each pastry disk in plastic food wrap and refrigerate for at least 45 minutes and up to 24 hours. Freeze other disk for future use.
  2. Lightly flour a work surface. Roll out 1 pastry disk to form an approximately 11-inch circle. Ease the pastry into a 9-inch tart pan with a removable bottom. Crimp the edge decoratively, trimming away any excess dough. Refrigerate the tart crust for about 30 minutes before baking it.
  3. Place a rack in the center of the oven and heat oven to 350°F.
  4. Line the chilled tart crust with aluminum foil or parchment paper and then fill it with ceramic pie weights or dried beans. Bake tart crust until edges begin to brown, about 15 minutes. Remove weights and liner and continue baking tart crust 12-15 minutes or until bottom is a light golden brown. Transfer the tart crust to a wire rack. Reduce the oven temperature to 325°F.

make the tart

  1. Meanwhile as the tart crust bakes, make the filling. Combine 3 eggs, lemon juice, lemon zest, mascarpone, cream, sugar, and salt in a mixing bowl and beat with a hand-held electric mixer at medium speed until smooth and creamy. Pour the filling into the baked tart crust.
  2. Bake the tart 20-25 minutes or until the filling is set. Let tart cool completely on wire rack.
  3. Arrange the raspberries or other fruit in tight and attractive concentric circles over the top of the cooled tart. Place the jelly and cassis in a small saucepan, stir to combine, and heat over medium-low heat until melted and smooth. Using a pastry brush, brush the warm jelly mixture gently over the fruit to glaze it. Serve the tart the same day it is made, preferably within a few hours of making it. Refrigerate until ready to serve.