Dessert Island

8 servings
20 min prep time
20 min total time

Experiment with structure, stack cheese slices atop crackers or bread, drizzling with honey or a dollop of jam.


  • STEP 1

    Take cheese out of refrigerator one hour prior to serving, allowing it to come to room temperature

Lillith Spencer

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Lillith Spencer

Lillith Spencer spent her college years studying food, mircobiology and eventually focused her senior theis on cheese -- her all time favorite thing to eat. She's tended the counter at Cheesemongers of Santa Fe for seven years, taking her love of cheese into her professional pursuit. We asked Lillith if there are rules to making a cheeseboard (she doesn't like rules) and the advice she gives novice cheese buyers. Check out Lillith's take on a traditional dessert cheeseboard here.