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Are We Martha's Favorite Butter?


Is Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter beloved by Martha Stewart? Is it even one of her favorite butters? Apparently! Our Cultured Butter with a cult following has been in the news of late, as the choice of culinary legend Martha Stewart. We aren't surprised, given it's rich and creamy texture, delightfully cultured flavor and high butterfat content. did a deep dive into what makes our cultured butter stand out amongst the competition, check out the full article, here. 

Food writer Stephanie Ganz discovered our Cultured Butter while working as a line cook at a fine-dining restaurant, and agrees that Martha's favorite butter is hers too, in this recent piece in Simply Recipes.

Stephanie makes an all-important point about the best uses for cultured butter: "You might think that I would reserve Vermont Creamery's cultured butter for special occasions, spreading it on warm, freshly baked bread or serving it with a plate of crisp, peppery radishes. While I do love to use it in those ways, I’m an advocate for using the good stuff for anything and everything."

Martha has been a fan of our Cultured Butter and Crème Fraîche for that matter, for many years. She is rightly a stickler for high-quality ingredients. She'll travel for good caviar (or it will travel to her), and while it might feel boring according to Mashed, she maintains that simple, delicious ingredients are the essential foundation to every dish worthy of her kitchen table. 

Want to discover the difference Culture Butter can make in any dish? 

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