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12 Ways to Use Crème Fraîche


For any of you who are new to the benefits of crème fraîche, welcome - we’re so glad you’re here!  You are about to enter into a delicious world of flavor and versatile recipe potential.  

Crème fraîche is a rich cultured cows' cream with a thick, creamy texture and a slightly tart, nutty flavor.  Crème fraîche will enhance any recipe that calls for sour cream. The rich taste and unique cooking advantages of cr?me fra?che will bring depth of flavor and a smooth texture to dips, baked goods, soups and finishing sauces. 

One major benefit to crème fraîche is, because it has a higher butterfat content, it won’t curdle or break when added to something at a higher heat or that’s acidic.  It’s truly an everyday kitchen staple and is delightful added to sweet or savory dishes.  It’s good for baking in cakes, or lightly sweetening and topping slices of pie.  Its food BFF may be the potato, but we’d also add a spoonful to soups or stews, pasta, or even in a salad dressing.  

So, to show just how versatile this everyday ingredient is, check out our top 12 favorite ways to use crème fraîche.  

Top Pie

Our favorite way to top pie or a slice of galette is with a lightly sweetened crème fraîche.  Add a bit of sugar and a splash of vanilla or whiskey to sweeten your crème fraîche.  It’s a decadent way to step up your dessert.  

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In Dips

If you’re anything like us, you’re all about that snack life and a spoonful of crème fraîche adds richness and flavor to your favorite dip or spread.  This recipe is packed with chopped herbs for a refreshing dip that assembles in minutes and boasts big flavors.  

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With Eggs 

Crème fraîche and eggs are a classic combo and the flavors of each really emphasize the other. Baking eggs is a great way to cook eggs and have them come out at the same time.  This recipe from Alana Kysar of Fix Feast Flair, has ramps, sweet onions, goat cheese and crème fraîche. 

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With Potatoes  

Potatoes were made for crème fraîche and may be one of our favorite combos.  So, whether you’re making mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, or baked potatoes, just trust us when we say a dollop of cool and creamy crème fraîche will take your dish to the next level.  These crispy, browned potatoes are topped with smoked salmon and rich, creamy crème fraîche for a dish you won't soon forget.  

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To Frost a Cake 

Looking to frost a cake or cupcakes?  Add in some crème fraiche to your frosting recipe for extra depth of flavor. This simple, yet decadent cake from Carey Nershi is prepared ahead of time for effortless serving the day of.  Pound cake layers alternate with flavorful fruit and a light cream layer for a delicious dessert to share. 

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With Fish 

Crème fraîche is a great addition to fish because it won’t curdle or separate when cooked on higher heat.  This flavorful salmon recipe assembles quickly with minimal prep and bakes in 20-25 minutes.  Serve along side basmati rice and green beans or blanched asparagus sautéed in Vermont cultured sea salt butter.  

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In Salad Dressing 

There’s just nothing like a little homemade salad dressing and a spoonful of creamy crème fraîche is a delightful dressing addition.  Tangy and crunchy, this fresh take on coleslaw will be a welcome addition to any summer meal.  

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With Chocolate 

Chocolate pairs so well with crème fraîche.  Combine the two for a decadent ganache to top a cake or to dunk cookies in. These easy and decadent crème fraîche truffles are perfect as an after-dinner treat or wrapped in a little box as a gift for loved ones.   

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Dollop in Shortcakes 

Summer is for the season for all things fresh berries and nothing showcases these delightfully sweet gems quite like a berry shortcake with a luscious dollop of lightly sweetened crème fraîche.  So split open a hot buttery biscuit, pile on the fresh fruit and top it all off with a spoonful of crème fraîche.   

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With Your Greens 

We may be adults who love our veggies, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t also love a baked vegetable tossed with a crème fraiche cream sauce and topped with a crispy breadcrumb topping.  This recipe uses green beans, but it would work well with broccoli or zucchini, even sweet potato slices would be tasty. 

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In Cake 

Crème fraiche works in a frosting, but it also adds delightful richness to cakes as well.  A fudgy gluten free chocolate bundt cake from Alanna Taylor Tobin of The Bojon Gourmet, that gets extra richness and flavor from cultured butter and crème fraîche plus teff flour, brown sugar, and cocoa. A pour of dark chocolate ganache kissed with whiskey and more crème fraîche adds a luscious finish. 

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In Ice Cream

Crème fraîche is a delightful addition to ice cream bases.  It adds a depth of flavor and extra richness to the ice cream base.  Give our homemade crème fraîche ice cream recipe a try, it has a cherry jam swirled into a honey base ice cream. A sophisticated flavor combination for a classic summertime treat.  

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