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Our 3 Favorite Baked St. Albans Recipes for Fall


Whether you’re looking to warm up with some hot and melty St. Albans spooned over roasted potatoes or you want something festive and pumpkin-y, we've got you covered.

St. Albans is an aged cows' milk cheese and takes its name from the town of St. Albans, Vermont. Hand-shaped and aged for eleven days, these delicate cheese disks are packaged in sturdy ceramic crocks that double as a baking vessel. 

Here are three of our favorite baked St. Albans recipes, perfect for fall. 

Vermont Creamery Baked St. Albans with Fingerling Potatoes

Baked St. Albans with Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes 

St. Albans is perfect if you love fondue but don’t want to hassle with the assembly or the leftovers.  Pop it in the oven to warm, and in a few minutes, you have a molten cheese that’s like a mini fondue.  Spoon St. Albans over crisp, herby seasoned potatoes in this simple yet decadent dish.   

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Pumpkin and Pear Butter Baked St Albans

Baked St. Albans with Pumpkin and Pear Butter 

Dip into a baked St. Albans topped with pumpkin and pear butter and five spice roasted pumpkin seeds for a seasonal stress-free fondue. Each bite is a savory sweet melding of flavors!

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Baked St Albans with Jam and Puff Pastry

Baked St. Albans with Jam and Puff Pastry

Think outside the crock. Pile a spoonful of jam and a sheet of puff pastry atop St. Albans, and bake for a fresh take on the traditional cheeseboard.

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