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Friendsgiving for first timers


You butter believe we’re all about Friendsgiving in Vermont. All hail the seasonal festivities of a holiday that blends friendship with mashed potatoes, where dairy reigns supreme and politics are replaced with pie.

What's Friendsgiving?

It’s a time to gather with your chosen tribe and throw down an epic potluck of Thanksgiving’s greatest hits. Don’t fuss over matching table linens or fancy flatware, the wine tastes just as good from assorted glasses, this we know.
New to Friendsgiving? Let us guide you down a culinary path paved with popovers and prepare to float down a river of gravy (they don’t call it a boat for nothing).

The Rules.

The first rule of Friendsgiving? The host tackles the turkey. This is great news for anyone intimidated by roasting a whole bird. Friendsgiving isn’t supposed to be hard, so we lighten the hosting load by sticking to the tried and true turkey breast. It’s simple, delicious and really sets you up for leftover turkey sandwich success. Here’s our recipe, try it out and report back.
Friendsgiving guests are in charge of the side dishes, them’s the rules. We recommend the classics, but with a Vermont Creamery twist that will not disappoint you and yours. Scroll through our Friendsgiving recipe round up below.
Unspoken Friendsgiving rule: there will be butter, so make peace with that flavorful fact. Without it, the mashed potatoes would fall flat, and the pie would not puff up. It’s not a time to skimp on butterfat either, we never do.  

Roasted Turkey Breast

Roasting a whole bird can be tireless; sometimes, just the breast is best. 

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Brown Butter Stuffing

We topped ours with a crumble of fresh goat cheese for an added layer of brightness.

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Herbed Crème Fraîche Mashed Potatoes

The classic mashed potato recipe you know and love packed full of flavor from luscious créme fraîche and cultured butter. 

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Turkey Gravy

Save those brown bits and turkey drippings for this tasty gravy, it's not Friendsgiving without it. 

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Bagel-spiced roasted carrots with goat cheese

Classic roasted carrots get a festive twist with bagel spice and fresh goat cheese.

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Apple Slab Pie

This festive friendsgiving favorite serves a crowd. 

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Tender Popovers

It's a light, fluffy celebration of cultured butter and carbs, sure to please at Friendsgiving. 

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Still stumped on recipes?

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