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How to Build the Perfect Thanksgiving Menu


You already know we’re all about the merits of making ahead; from brining that bird to peeling those potatoes, there’s much to be done ahead of time to save your sanity and guarantee a timely triumph. This includes building the perfect menu, and friends, let’s just work backwards from that menu waypoint. Once your proverbial ducks are in a row, all you have to do is execute. From setting a beautiful tablescape to curating the perfect cocktail list, save your day-of-to-do's for the final touches.  

There are things that can be made weeks, hell, months in advance of the big day. Take pie crust and cookie dough – whip that up on some slow fall day and pop it in the freezer for a later date. Frozen ingredients are like money in the bank. When you’re ready to party, just defrost, roll out and poof- you're halfway to dessert town.  

Our favorite Thanksgiving menu is anything but basic, but ultimately, the choice is yours. If it’s love and adoration you seek from your guests, make the crème fraîche mashed potatoes. If you’re looking to upgrade granny’s stuffing recipe, consider our leek and goat cheese option, because she’s got style, she’s got flair. As always, you can’t go wrong with the classics: hello pumpkin pie.  



Deconstructed Thanksgiving Board 

This festive cheese board from Bojon Gourmet is a classic Thanksgiving meal, deconstructed. 

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Creamy Goat Cheese Dip 

This creamy goat cheese dip is the perfect appetizer to se the tone for your Thanksgiving meal. Easy, creamy, comforting..what more could you want?

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Wine + Cheese Pairings

We've enlisted the help of two prominent voices of wine in Vermont to curate the perfect cheese + wine pairings for your Thanksgiving table. Pour yourself a glass of something and just copy and paste for your next holiday gathering. After all, ‘tis the season to get tipsy.

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Crème Fraiche Mashed Potatoes

The classic mashed potato recipe you know and love packed full of flavor from luscious crème fraîche and cultured butter. 

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Broccoli Gratin 

This easy broccoli au gratin casserole can be made with fresh or frozen broccoli folded into a simple cultured butter and cheese roux. Crispy fried onions add crunch to this creamy, side dish that can be prepped ahead of your Thanksgiving meal. 

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Goat Cheese & Leek Stuffing 

A cross between savory bread pudding and classic stuffing, this dressing is rich with the flavors of leeks and shallots, toasted bread, herbs and celery, all offset by tangy chevrè. To feed a crowd, double the recipe and bake in a 13x9-inch baking pan. This recipe can also be made gluten-free by using gluten-free bread.

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Herb Butter Roasted Turkey Breast  

Fragrant with garlic and fresh herbs, this roasted turkey breast could grace any holiday table. This is a 1-hour roast, which means you can spend less time worrying about overcooking the bird and more time with your friends and family. 

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Mascarpone Swirled Pumpkin Pie 

The Thanksgiving classic gets an update with thick swirls of mascarpone for a flavorful and decadent dessert that resembles a cross between a cheesecake and a pumpkin pie. 

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Browned Butter Pecan Brownie Bars  

These brown butter pecan pie brownies are a cross between holiday pecan pie and your favorite chewy brownie! Super chewy and chocolaty brown butter brownies are topped off with sticky, gooey pecan pie topping. 

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