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Festive Holiday Cheeseboards


'Tis the season to be cheesin' and we've got some of our favorite cheeseboards and cheese pairings to share.  Whether you're assembling a cheeseboard for two or are feeding a crowd, we've got something for everyone.  

Rustic Cheeseboard

This board is a feast for a crowd.  Add in items like hard salami, roasted nuts, olives, jam or honey, and a combination of fresh & dried fruits for a bounditul board to share.

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Bijou for Two

This cheeseboard is perfect for two!  A little salty prosciutto, crisp crackers and chocolate covered almonds pair beautifully with these Bijou buttons. 

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Dessert Island 

Experiment with structure on your cheeseboard - stack cheese slices atop crackers or bread, drizzling with honey or a dollop of jam.

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Baked St. Albans

Pile a spoonful of jam and a sheet of puff pastry atop St. Albans, and bake for a fresh take on the traditional cheeseboard.

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Holiday Cheeseboard

The holidays are a fun time to do a big cheeseboard.  Pair a variety of cheeses with specialty items like fragrent honeycomb, sparkling pate du fruits, or salted caramels for a festive display. 

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DIY Chevre Log

Customize fresh goat cheese with your favorite nuts, fresh herbs, or fruit.  This is a fun way to eat the best of the season!

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